“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.” 
― Charles Williams

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For an interesting blog post on the Key 15, the Devil Card, click here. Six Tarotists post their thoughts.





I am a “Dialogue Reader.” Dialogue readings involve conversation in a "question-and-answer" format. I read with more than one deck—always. We begin with a central question, pull cards and add cards as called and intuited. This form of reading is dynamic—movable and informative. If you prefer, I am always happy to do a more traditional reading using traditional or specific spreads (love, career, Celtic Cross).  



"Your reading was spot-on. Yes, please send the PDF/graphic version with pics and comments. Thank you so much!" — MJ Foley, The Tarot Exchange