Hanging with the Hanged Man

People don't love when this card shows up, but actually, its a simple reminder to pause, consider new perspective and "hang."

1. How do I interpret the Hanged Man?
2. Do I have a favorite depiction of the Hanged Man in Tarot?
3. If the Hanged Man were somebody in the news, who would it be?
4. If you were the Hanged Man, what would you do?

1. The hanged man is a go-to “suspension” for many. I get that totally and embrace it. That said, I love the idea that surrounds the concept of entertaining new perspective—contemplating and discovering a new way of looking at things…or a new way of considering a situation (or situations) or “going at things.” I also see this as a lovely “pause”—a time to “hang” and contemplate. It can also be a time to simply “turn things upside down”—junk what you’ve been set on and reconsider. Mostly, it’s a time to hang in a hammock (like the Five of Swords) and pause.
2. No. There are so many. In any deck, the “hanging” form works to convey the answer or suggestion in this situation.
3. I don’t watch the news, but think of a pensive, thoughtful contributor who speaks little…but has a solid answer when he does. The Hanged Man needs to “hang” in order to contribute well, make change, contribute or act for the better or best outcome.
4. I’d hang out. Pause. Consider. Be open. 

Serena FoxStowell Farm