Welcome to Holistic Tarot...(But what is it?)

Tarot is one of the tools in our personal “well-being tool-kit:”  It is a means of deep self-reflection, consideration and movement. In my work, Tarot is purely and truly holistic—Together, we ask for clues and cues—and tap into our own inner wisdom; we seek hidden truths and find direction and guidance. We experience the Tarot as a reflective and empowering resource.

"Tapping into the intuition through both parts of the brain and blending them together. Begin with the basics and move to the spiritual. Let go and find your meanings. Merge logic with the holistic/spiritual. The unconscious mind connects to the collective unconscious and provides what we need. We have all we need. The answers are within us. We can find that by tapping into the Tarot.” — Benebell Wen

and mostly..."Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way.” — Mary K. Greer


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