Tarot is one of the tools in our personal “well-being tool-kit:”  It is a means of deep self-reflection, consideration and movement. In my work, Tarot is purely and truly holistic—Together, we ask the cards for clues and cues—and tap into our own inner wisdom; we seek hidden truths and find direction and guidance. We experience the Tarot as a reflective and empowering resource.

I am a lover of nature and cultivator of well being. Working with me, you will be introduced to a variety of healing modalities and techniques: Tarot is one.

Serena Fox


"Tapping into the intuition through both parts of the brain and blending them together. Begin with the basics and move to the spiritual. Let go and find your meanings. Merge logic with the holistic/spiritual. The unconscious mind connects to the collective unconscious and provides what we need.

We have all we need. The answers are within us. We can find that by tapping into the Tarot.”

—Benebell Wen



“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.” 
― Charles Williams

What is Holistic Tarot? Contact me and I'll mail a descriptive PDF for quick overview.

For an interesting blog post on the Key 15, the Devil Card, click here. Six Tarotists post their thoughts.






Join me for a traditional Celtic Cross, 3- or 5-card, and Tree of Life reading—all are requested and available: as are old-style traditions (Opening of the Key).   


Dialogue readings involve a "question" and "question-and-answer" format...and sometimes more than one deck. We begin with a central question, pull cards and add cards as the spread (and you) command(s). This form of reading is dynamic—movable and formative.



Readings can be done via Skype: Questions can be sent in advance or not. If questions are sent in advance, the cards will be pulled prior to the call beginning—if not, the Skype appointment follows the aforementioned "Dialogue" format. Please send your Skype name so we connect in advance of our appointment time. 


All readings are available in PDF/PRINT. In this, I translate our discussion/reading into a graphic format for your reference.



TO BOOK A READING, PLEASE SELECT THE BUTTON BELOW, FILL OUT YOUR INFORMATION or visit and select "consultation." scroll for pricing.

Payments are made at the time of service.

"Your reading was spot-on. Yes, please send the PDF/graphic version with pics and comments. Thank you so much!" — MJ Foley, The Tarot Exchange







half-hour reading

Half-hour readings are $30. If you decide to continue, we can do! A lot can be accomplished in this time. 


Full-hour reading

A full-hour is required for Celtic Cross readings...but all others can "float." 




half-hour with graphic / pDF

A half-hour reading with PDF graphic preferred by most clients: it gives us something to refer back to.


full-hour with graphic / PDF

A full-hour reading with PDF graphic is preferred by most clients: it gives us something to refer back to (and compare through weeks, months and years).




Custom spread

If you have a specific circumstance, often a traditional reading is not the way to go: often, it cannot directly address your situation. Custom spreads are developed to address a specific query. 


skype / phone

Skype and phone readings are available half-hour and full-hour. Longer sessions upon request.


To book a reading, please select the button below, fill out your information—and I will contact you with availability.

Payments are made at the time of service.




[  at Stowell Farm with Serena/Bean of the Fields Tarot  ]
Stowell Farm (1798) is a small-scale homestead nestled in the mountains of the Mad River Valley, Vermont. We are located on a beautiful, scenic road that winds its way between the towns of Waitsfield and Warren. We sustainably raise sheep, ducks and chickens on a stretch of carefully-stewarded land—and offer events, classes and educational programs all year round.

— It is all about relationship —


[  Bean of the Fields Tarot Ethical Standards ]
The purpose of our work together is to materialize meaning and transformative possibility—this does not take the place of mental health care, and should not be treated as such. 
I am not a fortune teller, psychic, or medium—however, I am an intuitive empath and can support your personal journey. All readings are confidential.


 "You are the keeper of your own truth. I could not possibly know you better than you know yourself and will not claim to. Please take what is useful and leave the rest. I respect and honor your free will. Any decisions or actions taken as a result of a tarot reading are the sole responsibility of the client. I am committed to honesty, integrity, cultural competency, and compassion in my life and work."

—Claire Diamond